3 Common Branding Mistakes You Are Making In Your Business.

common branding mistakes

Branding doesn’t evolve by itself. It’s a blueprint for how you want the world to see your business and blueprints are planned and researched documents. Brand yourself and then show the world, and don’t let the world do the branding! The intention isn’t to scare or depress you – it’s to let you know where the potholes are and show you how to avoid them. Here are some of the common branding mistakes you are making:

Common Branding Mistakes You Are Making In Your Business.

1. Confusing marketing with branding

Yeah, this one’s a doozy. Branding is defining who or what your brand is – and marketing is making other people aware of it. (Marketing is mostly about distribution). They’re closely related and there’s a lot of crossovers, but not being clear on the differences means you can’t do either effectively. 

Still confused? Here’s a pro tip: take care of branding first, then tackle marketing second. 

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2. Equating a logo to branding

There is a lot more to branding than the design, even though sometimes people equate the two. Branding is bigger than one or two brand assets, like business cards or even a logo (and don’t get us wrong – logos are important), but branding is the conceptual act of defining your business, not just making some pretty designs in the company colors.


3. Skipping professional help

A lot of business owners say, oh, I understand design and branding, I will set things up myself. Sure, some of us lucky entrepreneurs have a solid understanding of psychology, graphic design, fonts, and copywriting, but even more of us don’t. Branding is significantly more complicated than it first seems, which is why we think you should always hire a professional.

This is exactly what we do at Edensdigital, we are keen on ensuring we take all this stress off you and build a brand that is global and profitable to you.

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