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How to make MASSIVE SALES! 5x faster than other online sellers using super cheap Facebook ads


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(Nugget #4 - How to sell a product No matter how expensive it is)

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14 thoughts on “Facebook ad course – how to sell faster online”

  1. I just finished the course. Sir I will Like you to mentor me in facebook ads plus sales and marketing 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  2. December sales Don Sweet ooo
    thank you so much Boss Mike for this piece of genius –
    Can I follow you on Instagram sir? What is your handle

  3. Make sense! I personally Learnt a lot from the Those Wisdom Nuggets He gave in the course. Especially Nugget Number #4 where he explained How to sell things No matter how expensive they are.

  4. This is just, wow

    The guy took time to explain the reasons why Facebook Block Adverts
    Since I apply all the steps, My ads have been running smoothly without banning

  5. I had to check the comment first before I get it. All this nice comments! Lemme go and grab my copy now. Hope I can pay directly with my Card

    1. I have made purchase and I have started oooo

      the first two lecture videos are amazing!

      this guy really understands the Nigerian Market Aswears

  6. If you haven’t learn the secrets in this course, you are missing a lot. It will definitely empower you as a business owner. Also the instructor was kind enough to give a very powerful Ebook as bonus. The Ebook itself is worth a lot of value and yet he added it as a free bonus. God bless you sir.

  7. I just use the influencer targeting strategy the man explained in the third video to sell 5 sneakers this week alone. I am glad I took this opportunity. If you are still doubting.. you are on your own

  8. Omo, I can’t believe a strategy like this exist o, to run cheap FB and IG ads. I just reached over 50,000 people with Less than 2000. It is God that will Bless you for me.

  9. I have been going through the lectures since yesterday, I am glad I paid for this. So many things to learn from this course

  10. Aswear this is not an overhype, it is one of the easiest courses to learn. the guy really took his time to explain

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