Over 1000 Purchases for a Kitchen Accessories Brand

Over 1000 Purchases for a Kitchen Accessories Brand

A once-thriving Kitchen Accessories Brand found itself in a challenging situation. Profits dwindled, and despite diligent efforts and attempts to use several marketing agencies, the brand continued to face losses. The owner, determined to reverse the tide, sought a solution to rejuvenate the brand’s profitability.

When we accessed the store’s Google ads account, we knew there was more to be achieved. The brand had done well for more than a year in one of the most competitive niches out there; there was hope.

Thus, began our fulfilling journey of bringing The Kitchen Accessories brand back to working order. A task our Google ads agency was extremely proud of.

Edens Digital’s Strategic Approach:

Smart Shopping Strategy: First we implement the Smart Shopping approach. The brand’s products were strategically showcased to potential customers by leveraging this advanced technique. The Smart Shopping strategy utilized Google’s algorithms to optimize product listings dynamically, ensuring the products were displayed to individuals most likely to make a purchase.

General Strategy: In addition to the targeted Smart Shopping campaigns, Edens Digital employed a broader, more general approach. This strategy aimed to capture a wide array of potential customers who might not have been reached through more focused campaigns. By casting a wider net, the brand increased its visibility and engaged with a diverse audience.

Search Campaigns: To enhance visibility and attract high-intent customers actively seeking kitchen accessories, Edens Digital deployed Search Campaigns. These campaigns optimized ad copies and bidding strategies based on relevant keywords, ensuring the brand appeared prominently in search results when potential customers were actively looking to buy.

The Results:

The strategic fusion of Smart Shopping, a general approach, and targeted Search Campaigns yielded outstanding results:

9x ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend): The campaigns delivered an impressive 9x Return on Advertising Spend, indicating a substantial revenue boost. Showcasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the strategies employed.

Over 1,000 Purchases: The campaigns led to more than 1,000 purchases, highlighting the success of Edens Digital’s approach. The high conversion rate and significant number of purchases underscored the campaigns’ ability to attract, engage, and convert a substantial portion of the audience into satisfied customers.

These remarkable results not only validated the strategic choices made by Edens Digital but also demonstrated the agency’s expertise in utilizing diverse approaches to achieve exceptional outcomes for our clients, reinvigorating the Kitchen Accessories Brand’s profitability and success.

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