Social Media Isn’t Enough: Why Building an Email List is Essential

building a landing page for an email list while A/B Testing different elements

Imagine this nightmare scenario: You’ve spent countless hours building a thriving social media presence. You engage with your audience, share amazing content, and your follower count is growing steadily. Then, without warning, your account is shut down. Algorithm changes, technical glitches, or even unfounded infringement claims… it happens. Suddenly, your primary connection with potential customers is severed.

This recently happened to one of our clients. It was a stark reminder that putting all your eggs in the social media basket comes with significant risks. That’s why a robust digital strategy MUST include building an email list – because your email subscribers are an audience you truly own, and one that can’t be taken away on a whim.

Benefits of Email Marketing

how to build an email list

  • Direct Connection & Control: Unlike social platforms, you fully control your email list. Algorithm changes and platform policies won’t prevent you from reaching your hard-earned audience.
  • Personalization for Stronger Relationships: Segment your list based on interests, purchase history, or demographics. Personalised emails foster deeper customer loyalty.
  • Measurable Results for Data-Driven Strategy: Email marketing software provides detailed analytics on open rates, click-throughs, and conversions. Optimise your strategy over time based on real data!
  • Proven Sales Driver: Email promotions, special offers, and personalised product recommendations delivered to an engaged audience have been shown to boost the bottom line.
  • Nurture Leads & Build Brand Affinity: Automated email sequences can guide potential customers through the sales funnel while establishing your brand as trustworthy and helpful. It can also ensure a faster and more seamless customer experience.

5 Basic Ways You Can Build an Email List

While there are advanced list-building strategies (we’ll cover those in another post), here’s a solid foundation;

  1. Choose a Reputable Email Marketing Provider: Research platforms like Mailchimp, ConvertKit, or Zoho. Features like automation, segmentation, and customizable templates are key considerations.
  2. Create a Compelling Value Proposition: Offer a reason for people to sign up! Consider a free download (ebook, checklist, template), an exclusive discount code or early access to sale) or premium content series (delivered via email)
  3. Make Sign-up Easy & Visible: Include clear, eye-catching sign-up forms on your website homepage, blog sidebar or within relevant blog posts, dedicated landing pages for specific offers, and pop-up forms.
  4. Promote on Social Media: While social media shouldn’t be your primary strategy, use it to periodically drive signups! Highlight the value proposition of your email list.
  5. Quality over Quantity = Focus on Engagement: Never buy email lists! A smaller group of truly interested subscribers will outperform a massive but indifferent list every time.

Writing Emails People Want to Open

title tags and meta descriptions of a landing age that acquires emails

Even with a growing email list, the content you send determines its success. Here are a few things to take note of in your email content

  • Subject Lines: Your subject line is the first impression. Make it count! Aim for clarity, a touch of curiosity, and a benefit hint. To improve your subject lines further, aim for Personalization (using the subscriber’s name if available), Questions that pique interest, and Urgency with time-sensitive offers (but use sparingly).
  • Valuable Newsletters: Establish a consistent cadence and deliver content that’s genuinely helpful or entertaining. This could include curated industry news, Behind-the-scenes glimpses at your business, solutions to common customer pain points, and user-generated content showcases
  • Strategic Promotions: Sales announcements, exclusive discounts, and early access opportunities are excellent uses of email – but they shouldn’t be the ONLY thing you send. Balance promotional emails with content that builds trust and positions you as an expert.
  • Segmentation is Your Friend: The ability to send specific variations of your emails is an email marketing superpower! You can segment your email list based on;
    • Behaviour: Emails tailored to past purchases or website actions
    • Interest: Content catered to preferences they’ve expressed
    • Lifecycle Stage: Welcoming new subscribers vs. nurturing leads vs. rewarding loyal customers
  • Responsive Design is Non-Negotiable: Most people read emails on their phones first. Ensure your emails are optimised for all devices with easy-to-read layouts, clear calls to action, and images that load properly.

Get Started with That Email List

Social media is a valuable part of your marketing toolkit, but limiting yourself to those platforms alone is short-sighted. Building an email list empowers you to directly connect with your audience, cultivate lasting relationships, and achieve long-term growth. Unlike the unpredictable world of social platforms, with an email list, your success is in your control.

Ready to diversify your marketing strategy? Let’s help you build a landing page that converts and grows your email list. Get started now!



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