Laptop and Gadget Ecommerce Store – $20K in Sales

Over 60 purchases and $20k in sales at a 7.95 ROAS in an extremely competitive niche. – Empowering PC Enthusiasts

In the ever-competitive landscape of e-commerce, getting and increasing sales often requires a lot of effort and time.  For buybetter and their laptop-focused e-commerce brand, the challenge was significant. Upon completing our onboarding process, we delved into specialized strategies to boost sales. This involved meticulous analysis of previous funnels and campaign performances to identify opportunities for optimization.

While Facebook Ads typically demand a long-term approach, our advantage with BuyBetterNG was the wealth of data available. Properly installed conversion tracking codes allowed us to expedite the process. In the initial days post-launch, our results spoke volumes – consistent ROAS between 7x to 10x prompted us to swiftly increase budgets.

Our Strategic Approach:

Our strategy for was both simple and effective. We initiated distinct PPC campaigns: Smart Shopping Campaign: Targeting 99% of the products, this campaign acted as our testing ground. Leveraging available data, we allowed the ad account’s algorithm to find the right audience, identifying potential high performers.

Single Product Campaign: Focused on a winning product that BuyBetterNG had already been scaling. Our objective was to give this product undivided attention, scaling it separately from the rest of the inventory.

The Result

With these targeted approaches, BuyBetterNG experienced a surge in sales, proving that strategic precision, data analysis, and streamlined campaigns can make all the difference in the competitive e-commerce landscape.


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