Over 50% Increase in Leads Generated for Credence

Over 50% Increase in Leads Generated for Credence, A Startup helping families hire domestic workers… for Less Ad Spend

Credence: Empowering Homes with Trusted Domestic Workers

Credence is pioneering a new era, connecting households with trustworthy domestic workers. As a startup dedicated to ensuring seamless hiring experiences, Credence faced the challenge of establishing its presence and building trust among its clientele.

The Challenge: Maximizing ROI, Minimizing Ad Spend and Getting Quality Leads

In a market where trust is paramount, Credence embarked on a mission to offer a reliable platform connecting families with domestic workers. And Turning Website visitors into leads and then customers.

Our Approach: Connecting Hearts and Homes

Understanding the essence of trust in this industry, Credence collaborated with us to refine its social advertising strategy. We delved deep into the unique needs of families, identifying the most efficient audience segments. Crafting compelling messaging and designs tailored to resonate with these segments, we implemented our ‘best of test’ methodology to enhance ads and targeting continually.

The Result: Credence Success Story with EdensDigital

Through our strategic partnership, Credence achieved remarkable results. Not only did we reduce their cost per lead significantly, but we also elevated the quality of leads. This transformation translated into more satisfied families, as Credence efficiently matched them with reliable domestic workers, all while optimizing their ad spend. Credence witnessed a surge in customers, achieved efficiently and with substantial savings, proving the impact of strategic and data-driven marketing.

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