Real Estate Magic! Over 1000 leads generated at 5.77 ROAS

Over 1000 leads were generated at 5.77 ROAS for HomeAwayShortlet in the Real Estate industry.HomeAwayShortlet, a prominent player in the real estate industry, sought to enhance its online presence and generate quality leads. Operating in a competitive market, they aimed to optimize their digital marketing efforts and ensure a substantial return on their investment.


The real estate market is fiercely competitive, with potential clients being highly discerning. HomeAwayShortlet faced the challenge of standing out amidst the competition, effectively reaching their target audience, and converting leads into satisfied customers. The challenge was to create a compelling online strategy that not only attracted leads but also ensured a high Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS).

Approach Using Google Ads:

To address HomeAwayShortlet’s challenge, a strategic approach utilizing Google Ads was implemented. Leveraging Google’s extensive reach and targeting capabilities, we designed a multifaceted campaign. The strategy involved meticulous keyword research to capture relevant searches, compelling ad copy creation, and optimized landing pages to ensure a seamless user experience. Additionally, retargeting techniques were employed to re-engage potential clients who had shown interest but hadn’t yet converted. Constant monitoring and adjustments were made based on data-driven insights to maximize the campaign’s effectiveness.


Through the strategic implementation of Google Ads, HomeAwayShortlet achieved remarkable results. The campaign generated over 1000 high-quality leads while maintaining an impressive Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) of 5.77. This not only demonstrated the efficacy of the campaign but also showcased the potential for targeted online marketing in the competitive real estate industry. HomeAwayShortlet’s increased online visibility and successful lead generation paved the way for sustained growth and customer acquisition in the dynamic real estate market.

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