Top 7 Unique Reasons why your eCommerce store is not Converting

reasons why your eCommerce store is not converting

After so much effort building your online store, still no encouraging conversion. You have already tried everything. You have a good product in a very hot niche, you are promoting one of the best affiliate programs, you are spending a considerable amount on Facebook advertisement but it all comes down to breaking your heart, Very little or No conversion, maybe you are even thinking of quitting and trying something else.

Well, before you quit, Take about 5-7 minutes to read this carefully while I show you exactly the top 7 mistakes you’re probably making. Please note that if you do not fix these things, your store will continue to give you peanut conversion no matter the amount you spend on advertising. Also, at the end of this post, I and my team will troubleshoot your eCommerce store for FREE.

Reasons Why Your eCommerce Store is Not Converting

Edensdigital, a top website design agency in Lagos

Before I go into the first reason, I have to make something clear to you, after more than 5 years of being a professional web developer and running my web design agency called Edensdigital, I have seen a lot of business owners make these same mistakes on their eCommerce store and it has cost them a lot of heartbreaks from wasted ads budget and there is a very good chance that you are making the exact same mistakes.

If you fix all these mistakes, you will see a very huge difference in the amount of conversion on your product landing page or eCommerce store. Apart from the fact that your profit will increase dramatically, you will be able to help others troubleshoot their eCommerce store.

These 7 reasons should serve as a guide for you in tracking down the real reason why your ecommerce store is not converting! Do not forget that at the end of this post, I will be giving you a free diagnosis of your website, you will submit your eCommerce website URL and I will send you a detailed report and recommendations on how to improve your conversion. So Let’s dive in:

(1) Your website has a terrible layout

poor website optimization is one of the reasons why your website is not converting

Here is an important thing you probably don’t know, 70% of the fault comes from your product landing page or eCommerce store. No matter the amount of traffic you drive to your online store, if your website’s layout sucks, you will never see sales.

Think about it this way, it takes a level of trust for customers to whip out their credit card or PayPal details to pay a stranger online for a product. Your website is a digital representation of your business, if it looks crappy, people will assume your products or services are crappy as well.

The reason why you do not mind paying thousands of dollars for food at a five-star restaurant is because of the serene environment. Customers must feel a special rush while scrolling through your online store. So, it pays to invest in a good website design.

(2) Is your Website Mobile Optimized?


Whether you like it or not, 6 out of 10 people visiting your store are on their mobile phones. A recent study shows that 54.8 percent of global website traffic comes from mobile devices. You have to understand that people nowadays just enjoy the comfort of sitting on their couch and ordering their favorite products directly from their phone and the last thing they want is to deal with a website that looks terrible and runs very slow on mobile devices. Paying attention to the mobile view of your website is key.

(3) Using the right Color Psychology?

color psychology

You are probably guilty of this one, you are probably not using the right color psychology to drive customer actions on your eCommerce store. Color psychology is a very important concept in sales and marketing, there are certain colors that trigger certain perceptions and emotions of the buyer. Humans are essentially emotional-driven beings and colors are one of the best ways to amplify emotions.

For example, colors have been used in the movie industry to position their audience’s mind right where they want it to be. Cool Pinkish color with a tint of sunset yellow to portray a romantic scene, Purple, gold, and black to portray royalty and luxury (as used in the Black Panther Movie), Red and black to show danger and to create a scary scene.

Knowing the right colors that fit your brand and product can connect your customers to you very quickly and this will make them trust you. A customer’s pocket becomes open to you when they trust you. Check this out:

  • The red color is often used to grab attention and suggest urgency or danger (useful when showing a limited time purchase offer),
  • Green is a “go” color, it tells the buyers that it is time to take a specific action
  • Blue Color can be useful to inject trust, care and friendliness into a customer’s mind (Social media brands like Facebook and Twitter understands this as well as healthcare brands)
  • Black and Peru is a good color to use while selling luxury products
  • Pink and Purple are feminine and they do well for feminine brands
  • Orange Color signifies ideas and innovation (Part of the official color of my Agency, Edensdigital)…

If you use the appropriate colors to preach your brand’s message to your audience, they will connect with you faster, trust you more, and not only become a recurring paying customer but also your brand ambassador when they tell their friends about your business.

(4) How fast does your website load?

How to improve your website speed

Website visitors spend an average of 5 seconds waiting for a page to load. If your eCommerce store’s total load time is more than 5 seconds, you will lose 70 percent of your prospects to your competitors. The attention span of online shoppers is very shot, there are lots of information from other brands competing for people’s attention, if you do not serve them the information really fast, they are off to the next person.

There are several factors that might affect your website speed. Here are some of them:

  • Bad web hosting service: If you are using one of those cheap, $2/month web hosting services, your server response time will be super poor and you will lose a lot of sales
  • Large Image size: The total size of your webpage should not be more than 500KB for optimum performance. If you upload a product picture taken from your iPhone, with a total size of 4MB and you have about 8 of those pictures on a single page, that’s a total of 32MB of resources the browser has to download before serving your web page to the users. That is catastrophic, customers will leave even before your website finishes loading.
  • Caching: Caching is a technical method web developers like me use to improve a website’s speed, we use caching to save some of the static resources of your webpage on the visitor’s browser so that when they re-visit in the future, they can get a super-fast response. This can greatly improve the user experience
  • Too many animations: Although Animation is a great way of including interactivity on your website, however, too much animation will slow your website down drastically! Animations contain complex Javascript codes that run on the browser. If they are too much, it might cause the browser to freeze, that is when you experience the “browser not responding” problem.

It takes a very skillful developer to put all of the above into consideration while building your store.

(5) Are you making use of Analytics and Retargeting


Most people who visit your online store will not buy the first time, in fact, another study shows that 65% of online shoppers abandon their shopping cart. There has to be a way for you to retarget people who are about to buy because they are clearly interested, they just need a little bit of extra push to take action.

It is a lot easier to sell to someone who has seen you before than it is to sell to a totally new person. Using special analytics tools installed on your online store, you can track the exact behavior of users, also these tools will help you retarget them in the future. For example, Caroline is about to pull out her credit card and pay for a pair of Addidas sneakers in your store but her one-year-old daughter is about to swallow a padlock and she needed to attend to her quickly, unfortunately, she forgot to click check out.

There has to be a system that you as a shop owner have put in place to retarget her and show up in her face the next time to get online, something like a gentle reminder to get her to cross that finish line.

There are a couple of tools that can help you with this on autopilot, these tools integrated into your website tracks website activities like Add to cart buttons, checkout, product views, page loads, and so on. They can also help you reach out to visitors who are yet to complete certain actions like “Abandoned carts”. Here are some examples of tools you can use to achieve this on autopilot:

  • Google Analytics (Super dupper Important)
  • Facebook Pixel (Highly Recommended)
  • Mailchimp eCommerce Integration
  • Active Campaign Email Marketing
  • Live chat integration (for customer support – very important)
  • GetResponse Ecommerce Funnel… and so on

(6) Do you use Limited time discount Offers?

why is my ecommerce store not converting
Another reason why your ecommerce store is not converting is because you don’t have discount offers. Discount offers are one of the most effective forms of marketing. Everyone loves to get something expensive at a lesser price, this is will be a motivation for them to take action. If you master the act of using the theory of scarcity and time limit together, you will be unstoppable. People like to procrastinate and give themselves excuses to “buy it later”, it is your job to get them to “buy it now!”. The simplest way of doing this is to make them feel as if they are missing out on an opportunity of a lifetime if they do not get it now. The LIMITED TIME HACK just makes it better! For example, “Get this beautiful hand back at 30% discount, offer ends in 3 days and Only 14 pieces available”,  You see what I am talking about now? They will jump at you and devour you with countless orders!

(7) It’s all your fault! You did not hire a professional

not hiring a professional is another reason why your ecommerce store is not converting

Yep! It’s your fault.

Most people are looking for cheap alternatives to create an online store, so they go on freelancing platforms and find the cheapest developer to create their store for $200 or $500. Do you really think that you can create a business that can scale to tens – hundreds of thousands in sales with only a $500 investment?

A professional web development agency like Edensdigital will charge an average of $2,000 – $7,000 to set up a “success guaranteed” online store.

Maybe you even build it yourself by watching a couple of youtube videos. I can confidently tell you that your website is set up to fail from the start. An average professional Ecommerce developer has about 5 years of experience in both the technical part and the business part of creating a successful online store, do you really think that you can “build it yourself”? Just because it looks simple doesn’t mean it is. The little things that matter most are the ones that can only be gotten from years of experience.

As I have promised, I will be troubleshooting your eCommerce store for FREE. Contact Edensdigital Admin on WhatsApp HERE, or fill the form below and submit your Website URL. I will evaluate your store, carry out some performance and conversion tests and send you full PDF reports of what you can do better to increase your store’s conversion. I am confident that if you make these changes, there is no way your sales will not shoot to the moon.

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